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Hi! I’m NPG 
and I’m going to share with you secrets and tips to expedite your Portuguese dual citizenship withou t long waits and confusing steps, even if you failed before. I HELP Portuguese descendants living abroad WITH Portuguese citizenship BY teaching them secrets and tips I learned from my network of experts WITHOUT the Portuguese legal burocracy, long waits and confusing steps EVEN IF you are stuck in the process or failed.


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I was born in Los Gatos, California. But I always had the dream to live half of the year in Portugal with my family. When I first started dealing with paperwork in Portugal it used to drive me crazy! It was a culture shock! I almost gave up on my dreams.

It was always a never ending path of paperwork and confusing steps only to find out I needed one more thing or that I did not have the right document. I would spend all of my vacation days taking care of legal documents only to have to start all over agai n on my next trip. I was even told I did not belong there! I’m sure this happened to you too, right?

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About 5 years ago I decided to risk it all and live a Zen life with my family, in between both worlds. This experience, specially my mistakes, gave me th e framework to show you exactly what to do (and not to do) so you don’t do the same mistakes I did. It gave me a very deep understanding of both legal systems!


For the past 20 years I had the amazing opportunity to serve as an advisor to 4 consul generals of Portugal in the United States. I was elected to represent the Portuguese community in America as advisor to the Portuguese Government. This experience as a government advisor gave me access to a network of contacts and framework to help serve my Portuguese community.

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In my 7 years as advisor I have reached a conclusion:The Portuguese Consulates, Embassies and legal system are not gonna get any faster. Why?

Portugal has never been so popular. People are moving in neve r seen numbers before. It will become harder, more expensive and will take longer to get your dual citizenship in the future. Are you ready to get started?

If you feel confused and lost on this, let me tell you. It’s not your fault. I want you to put those fears to rest. You can do this! The Portuguese legal system is very slow and hard to understand. But that’s why I’m here to help you.

Many of you gave up in the middle of the process or never even started! Am I right?

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My goal is to show you how I built this new system. It took me almost 20 years to fully understand this. I can’t wait to show you how this could work for you! So, I’m going to share with you three secrets about dual citiz enship and how you can expedite it online.

And I know that you are probably thinking there is no way I can become Portuguese without the Portuguese paperwork drama, right? But, I am going to show you a great way you get amazing results with this revolut ionary new system I created.

If there is one thing that people know about me it that I get things done

Secret #1

You can get your Portuguese dual citizenship on the internet!

The big idea here is to master the Portuguese legal system an d minimize mailing and loosing legal documents. You can get your documents ONLINE without having to go to the Portuguese old institutions. This is very important because not only its fast and safe, but at any point you can access and monitor your process a nd know exactly whats the status is and whats your next step.

Secret #2

There are at least 20 different paths to dual citizenship!

Just a few years ago I was just like you, frustrated with the Portuguese legal system. But then I learned new ways of deali ng with paperwork in Portugal. From obtaining and translating legal documents to the many steps needed to become a dual citizen and getting your Portuguese passport and ID.

Secret #3

You can Expedite becoming a Portuguese Citizen

We have a team of exper ts worldwide that will figure out how to save you time every step of the way. For example what “Conservatorias” offices in Portugal have a smaller waiting time? This is key because this is where your process always gets stuck for years with no response.

And if you are still wondering if this is right for you, I want to make it crystal clear...

  • ​Maybe you are not interested in the dual citizenship. But what if, in the future, your kids and grandkids are? What if once you are gone they can’t do it because they no longer qualify?
  • ​Maybe you heard you have to renounce your American or Canadian citize nship to become a Portuguese citizen? Thats false. You can have both.
  • ​Maybe you were told you can’t do it because your name or your ancestors name, don’t match in the different countries you lived. You can do this and we can help!
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The Portuguese passport is one of the most powerful in the world, it opens the doors to Europe. It allows you to live, work study and get medical treatment in 27 beautiful countries.

Not only Portugal. You can continue to say you are Portuguese , love your heritage, history, food and music but you are not legally Portuguese if you don’t have your citizenship approved. After that you can request your Portuguese ID and Passport and become a true Portuguese.

Many people miss the opportunity of bein g a Portuguese and European citizens and passing that gift on to your kids and grandkids. If you wait it could be too late...

Can you imagine you and your family going to Portugal? Where would you visit? Imagine entering the ai rport’s security fast lane because you are now a Portuguese National and not a immigrant tourist? Using your Portuguese ID everywhere? Not being afraid of going to the hospital because you now have a medical number. Getting resident benefits, social securi ty, and discounts on air travel, restaurants and local activities.

Living outside of Portugal does not make you less Portuguese than those living in Portugal.. But not having your Portuguese citizenship...Does limit your Portuguese rights and benefits, a lot!

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Portuguese citizenship is a privilege that expires after the third generation. If you don’t act now you could loose your opportunity to become a dual citizen and have your legal documents. Are you ready to get started?

If you are nervous about this don’t be. I know it can be a scary process but myself and our team of legal experts,
we are here to support you all the way.
The only way for you to know if this is right for you is to
start your

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